Clothing Optional Travel FAQ and Resort Recommendations For First-Timers

Interested in visiting a Nude Resort or taking a Clothing Optional Vacation but don’t know what to expect? Here are the answers to the questions we hear most often about Nude Vacations.

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What is it like to go to a Clothing Optional resort?

It is just like going to any other resort – only naked! There are nude resorts that cater to all kind of interests ranging from Nude Scuba Diving and snorkeling to spa services, golf, tennis etc. Of course, you can just lay on the beach and read a book too – you just go home without tanlines!

What kind of people go to Clothing Optional Resorts?

All kinds of people! Nude travel represents a broad cross section of people, from professionals to laborers, old to young and wild to mild. What kind of people you’ll be vacationing with largely depends on what nude resort or destination you choose. Some resorts cater to the “party crowd” while others offer a more relaxing, laid back atmosphere – – and still others are for families.

What is the difference between “clothing optional” and “nude” resorts?

The term “clothing optional” refers to resorts where clothing is just that – optional. You may choose to keep your clothes on or not. This is the most common type of resort. Resorts that are “nude” mean that nudity IS required, though some may allow the first time visitors a certain period of time to adjust. It is worth noting that most people at Clothing Optional Resorts go without their clothes – if they wanted to keep their clothes on they would go to a textile resort.

Can women just go topless?

In most cases, yes. Though most women quickly become comfortable with being naked, a woman choosing to keep her bottoms on is not all that uncommon, particularly during times when nature dictates a little more modesty.

Are Nude or Clothing Optional Resorts more expensive than “textile” resorts?

Typically not – though there are some exceptions, such as nude cruises – most of the time the CO resorts will be priced comparably with other textile resorts that offer the same type of facilities and amenities.

Aren’t Clothing Optional Resorts really just for “swingers”?

Not at all. While it is true that some resorts tend to attract “swingers”, very few of the CO resorts sell themselves as strictly swingers resorts, and those that do make it VERY clear in their advertising. Don’t assume that because a clothing optional resort is “adults-only” that it is a swingers resort!! Read our Couples and Adults Only Resorts FAQ for more info on the topic.

What about skin cancer?

There is still much scientific debate about the relationship between sun exposure and Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Most information we have seen indicates that severe sunburns are the most serious risk. One thing is for sure – wearing a quality sunscreen is a good idea. Check out our Nude Tanning Tips section for more info on the topic.

What if I get sexually aroused (i.e., an erection)?

What would you do if you got an erection at a prude beach? This is rarely a significant problem if handled discreetly. If you experience arousal, simply don’t make a big deal out of it – just position yourself discreetly or cover up temporarily.

Where can I find more information about the Nudist lifestyle (and why is it called a “lifestyle”)?

Take a look at and – and read the rest of the articles on this site! You can post any questions you may have in our Naked Life forums and see what others have to say.

Nude Resorts For First-Timers

So you are ready for your first vacation to a nude or clothing optional resort but aren’t sure which one is best for “newbies”? It’s best to do your research and choose carefully – you don’t want your first experience to be a negative one! When choosing your first nude resort, there are a couple of things to consider, such as: what kind of nude vacation do you want? What do you like to do on vacation? Do you want a family atmosphere or a party atmosphere? If you are brand-new to nude recreation or nudism in general, we strongly suggest that you spend a good amount of time reading before making your choice – and then come back here and take a look at our top picks for “First Timers”.

Terra Cotta Inn
Palm Springs, California
Spa at The Terra Cotta Inn of Palm Springs, California

Terra Cotta is a great choice for your first nude vacation for many reasons. Located in Palm Springs, CA (where there is plenty to do with your clothes on, if you are so inclined), it is easy to get to and surprisingly affordable for a resort with such first class appointments. The owners Tom & Mary Clare are very friendly and will help you feel comfortable right away.

Hedonism II
Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism III
Runaway Bay, Jamaica

What? Hedo resorts for first timers? The short answer is that if you are interested in an erotic type of nude vacation – Yes! What makes the Hedonism Resorts good or first timers (and those who are new to or interested in the “swinging” lifestyle) is that Hedo vacations are simply what you make of them….there is no pressure to do what you don’t want to do, but there is lots to do if you want to!

Caribbean Reef Club

Puerto Morales (Cancun), Mexico

We chose Caribbean Reef Club as an excellent first timers resort because of the small, intimate atmosphere, the diverse crowd and the spacious nude beach. There are only 28 rooms so it is easy to get to know everyone at the resort, but there is enough room on the beach that if you want to keep to yourselves you’ll have plenty of space.

If a Nude Resort did not make this list, does that mean it is not a good choice for first-timers?

Not at all! There are many resorts that would be great for your first time – but we had to choose, and we felt these best met our criteria for a first timers resort.

Did we leave something out? Have you visited the resort recently and have new information? We need your input! Post your comments or update below:

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There are a number of in-depth clothing optional beach and nudist resort reviews for resorts ranging from Cypress Cove Family Nudist Resort to Hedonism II where we tell you what the brochure doesn’t! Visitors can also add updates and comments on the accuracy of the reviews, so you know you are getting fresh information and the straight scoop! You can also take a look at our recommendations for First-Timers, Nudist Families With Children, Swingers and Party Animals and those who want to Relax and Be Pampered.